147… There’s nothing like it in the industry


147 is a special number at Abodea.  It represents the set of 147 questions asked of each new customer when they are onboarded.  Responses to those questions are integrated into our Trouble-shooting tool so that your tenants have a remarkable and transparent customer experience when speaking with our Maintenance Coordinators.

The 147 allow us to apply each individual customer’s processes, practices, and preferences when engaging with their tenants.

The 147 allow customers to define what is and is not an emergency for their tenants.

The 147 allow customers to specify how, when, and to what degree Abodea’s Maintenance Coordinators will troubleshoot and diagnose root causes and dispatch your prioritized list of vendors for every individual property placed under our care.

We’re happy to provide suggested responses for your 147.  That’s never a problem.  But, we don’t believe in a ‘standardized’ customer experience – not for your company and not for your tenants.

We believe in exceptional customer experiences.

We believe it’s our responsibility to surpass expectations so that every customer views us as an extension of their business, not a vendor.

We believe every tenant is a unique individual that deserves to feel like their issue is the center of our universe.  And, we use your 147 to customize our approach – handling every maintenance request with the same urgency, accuracy, and degree of care your tenants have come to expect.

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