The Countdown!

The holiday season is upon us!!  As a property manager, you’ve likely just got done with rent week and now it’s time to breathe!

Are you ready to start approving vacations for your employees?  Do you have time to take any time off while you allow your staff to spend time with their families?  Do you find that you are taking on more responsibility so that your staff can get a break?  When do YOU get a break?

During the holiday season, your tenants are also at home.  They are cooking more than before, entertaining guests, and expecting their home to be ready for all that they have planned.  So when emergencies happen, are you taking calls so that your employees can enjoy their time off?  If so, we want to talk to you today to give you FREEDOM from maintenance calls!!

If you didn’t have to worry about how to cover your holiday weekends from now until then, could you spend that time thinking about ways to grow your business?

Call us today to let us handle your maintenance coordination.  We just celebrated 8 years in the maintenance coordination business.  Although we are the first and oldest maintenance coordination company of our kind-we like to think we just have the most experience.  We work every single day to make sure that we are staying in front of the most current trends in property management technology, trends, and best business practices.  With 4 unique service plans and the opportunity to fully customize how we work for you as an extension of your business, you can not go wrong with adding us as a strategic business partner and service provider.

Contact us today to find out how we can change your life and give you FREEDOM FROM MAINTENANCE CALLS!!