1. Know who we are

Abodea [ uh-bohd-EE-uh]

SYNONYMSSupertenders (before April 23, 2019)


a. The ORIGINAL 24x7x365 solution to the property management industry’s maintenance coordination support needs.

2. Know what we can do for you!

a. Would you like 5 reasons why or can we answer 130+ questions to show you how we become an extension of your business?

3. Know what has changed!

a. Just our name! And a couple other names!

NighTenders = Bronze Service Level

DayTenders = Silver Service Level

MaxTenders = Gold Service Level

SmartTenders = Select Service

b. Our support solutions provide you with the confidence to focus efforts on portfolio growth knowing that your tenants and properties are receiving professional maintenance support.  We can truly give you FREEDOM FROM MAINTENANCE CALLS!

Have more questions?  Call us today at 844-836-3248 or send us a message at solutions@abodea.com