Abodea Levels up!!

We didn’t just change our name to make a statement-we had a very focused vision on re-branding and revisiting the voice of our customers and potential customers!  As of October 1, we have expanded our portfolio of services to be able to provide a solution that fills the gap that we believe was missing so that we can provide service to all the potential customers who were needing a “little less of this”, a “little more of that”, and “this and that”, “here and there”!!

One of the things we are most proud of is that we don’t design a maintenance coordination solution for you, we give you an outline and you customize it yourself!  It’s as if you have just created a new process to run, improve, and GROW your business and we’re just here to manage it for you!  There is no limit to the customization in any of our programs, and whether it is 2 units or 20,000 we now know we have a solution for you!

Contact us today to learn more about our expansion of service and be signed up as fast as we can get your program customized for you!!

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