August Maintenance Tips

Another month has begun!

We know that primarily, you are focusing on collecting rent and preparing any properties that have been vacated to be shown and rented out so you can maintain and grow your business.  Some of these tips may apply to your portfolio for vacant or occupied rentals in your portfolio.  Imagine having a partner in your business that could ask questions to your tenants regarding their maintenance coordination to ensure that even when they are having a maintenance issue, they are also being proactive about addressing other issues they may not have thought of.  Imagine being able to just give direction ONE TIME about how your maintenance services are handled and then it is taken care of for every future maintenance call that comes in.  Now imagine not having to take ANY of those maintenance calls!!

At Abodea, maintenance is always on our mind.  We provide continuos training to our staff of maintenance coordinators on issues that are relevant to your property management business.  We don’t want to just work for you-we want to work WITH you!

Contact us today to find out more about a designing a customized maintenance coordination program that suits your needs.  Getting a quote is fast and easy!

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