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We’re Here for You

Hopefully, you are all well and safe and adjusting to the new, and temporary, normal.  At Abodea, we are working hard to support our customers during this difficult time.  We will continue to make useful information available to all of our valued customers.  On March 16, we sent a communication to customers: “…We recognize that […]

The Countdown!

The holiday season is upon us!!  As a property manager, you’ve likely just got done with rent week and now it’s time to breathe! Are you ready to start approving vacations for your employees?  Do you have time to take any time off while you allow your staff to spend time with their families?  Do […]

Abodea Levels up!!

We didn’t just change our name to make a statement-we had a very focused vision on re-branding and revisiting the voice of our customers and potential customers!  As of October 1, we have expanded our portfolio of services to be able to provide a solution that fills the gap that we believe was missing so […]

Time DOES Tell!

When it comes to promoting our maintenance coordination services, there is no marketing tactics or schemes that are put into place.  Our business is made up of professionals that have been property managers, have worked in property management offices, and others that have specialized training in the areas of property management and customer service.  Abodea […]

Maintenance Requests Done YOUR Way.

How much time do you spend day to day working on maintenance requests?  As you are working on rent roll, preparing for move-ins, recovering from move outs, and trying to grow your business-having to deal with the many facets of maintenance coordination for your property management portfolio can be taken right off your hands in […]

August Maintenance Tips

Another month has begun! We know that primarily, you are focusing on collecting rent and preparing any properties that have been vacated to be shown and rented out so you can maintain and grow your business.  Some of these tips may apply to your portfolio for vacant or occupied rentals in your portfolio.  Imagine having […]