We’re Here for You

Hopefully, you are all well and safe and adjusting to the new, and temporary, normal.? At Abodea, we are working hard to support our customers during this difficult time.? We will continue to make useful information available to all of our valued customers.? On March 16, we sent a communication to customers:

“…We recognize that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has disrupted the normal flow of business for many companies. ?In response, Abodea has reviewed and optimized both primary and redundant systems/processes in recent weeks.? Our crisis response team has also developed flexible workforce and workflow management strategies designed to ensure that all tenant correspondence continues to be engaged with the utmost empathy and receives the immediate, thorough, professional attention it deserves…”

This was just a couple weeks ago, but with things changing daily, we wanted to reassure you that our workforce is 100% intact-working safely and virtually from home.? Our customers have not and will not experience any service disruption.? Please contact us if you need assistance in structuring near-term,remote operations.

Please stay safe!