When is after-hours for COVID-19?

We hope that everyone is doing well, staying safe, and adjusting to the new parameters of your work environment.

As we realize that things are changing all the time, we also realize that your “regular” hours may not be so regular anymore!

As we have seen an increase in inquiries coming into us later in the evening about about how Abodea’s portfolio of services can assist your maintenance coordination, we have extended our hours for your convenience!

For current customers, your support is still 24x7x365.  But for those of you who need some time to work and THEN you need some time to try to continue to enhance your business and your business processes, we have extended the hours for our solutions team so that we can be in the best position to help you at any time.

We are here for you!  Effective immediately, you can reach a member of our business development team until 10 pm MST.

We’re Here for You

Hopefully, you are all well and safe and adjusting to the new, and temporary, normal.  At Abodea, we are working hard to support our customers during this difficult time.  We will continue to make useful information available to all of our valued customers.  On March 16, we sent a communication to customers:

“…We recognize that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has disrupted the normal flow of business for many companies.  In response, Abodea has reviewed and optimized both primary and redundant systems/processes in recent weeks.  Our crisis response team has also developed flexible workforce and workflow management strategies designed to ensure that all tenant correspondence continues to be engaged with the utmost empathy and receives the immediate, thorough, professional attention it deserves…”

This was just a couple weeks ago, but with things changing daily, we wanted to reassure you that our workforce is 100% intact-working safely and virtually from home.  Our customers have not and will not experience any service disruption.  Please contact us if you need assistance in structuring near-term,remote operations.

Please stay safe!

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? RENT WEEK!!

The holiday season has begun!  As a property manager, we know that the concern for Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn’t mean as much to you as this being RENT WEEK!!

How did you spend your holiday season?  At Abodea, we were happy to be bringing in this holiday season by giving our property managers FREEDOM FROM MAINTENANCE CALLS!!  Besides taking maintenance calls, are you familiar with the other services we may be able to provide?  We have service levels for every property manager that will help us act as an extension of your business.  There is no portfolio too small or too large!  We have a solution for you and can provide a cost analysis for your business to see what benefits you the most!  As you are budgeting for the new year, we’d love to show you how our services can add value to your business.

If you spent the Thanksgiving weekend dealing with maintenance issues for your property management business while working on all the other aspects of trying to manage and grow your business, give yourself a Cyber Monday deal that will help save you time and help you focus on making money in the long run!!

How long will it take to make a purchase on Cyber Monday?  A few minutes to find what you need?  Add a few more minutes to research if it’s exactly what you want, then a few minutes more to enter all the pertinent information.  A few more minutes to finalize your purchase, and then a few days to wait for your purchase to arrive.  Give us 15 minutes of your time to find out what you need, to let us tell you how we can customize a program for what you want, and within a few days we can give you a customized solution that will add value to your business and give you the opportunity to gain additional time and space to grow your business.  Let us give you a truly relaxing holiday season!!

Call us today to find out how we can help you! 855-460-5104

Or schedule an appointment NOW to talk to a business development specialist!

If you’d like to tell us about your business and have us call you, simply give us a few pieces of information and we’ll get right back to you!

The Countdown!

The holiday season is upon us!!  As a property manager, you’ve likely just got done with rent week and now it’s time to breathe!

Are you ready to start approving vacations for your employees?  Do you have time to take any time off while you allow your staff to spend time with their families?  Do you find that you are taking on more responsibility so that your staff can get a break?  When do YOU get a break?

During the holiday season, your tenants are also at home.  They are cooking more than before, entertaining guests, and expecting their home to be ready for all that they have planned.  So when emergencies happen, are you taking calls so that your employees can enjoy their time off?  If so, we want to talk to you today to give you FREEDOM from maintenance calls!!

If you didn’t have to worry about how to cover your holiday weekends from now until then, could you spend that time thinking about ways to grow your business?

Call us today to let us handle your maintenance coordination.  We just celebrated 8 years in the maintenance coordination business.  Although we are the first and oldest maintenance coordination company of our kind-we like to think we just have the most experience.  We work every single day to make sure that we are staying in front of the most current trends in property management technology, trends, and best business practices.  With 4 unique service plans and the opportunity to fully customize how we work for you as an extension of your business, you can not go wrong with adding us as a strategic business partner and service provider.

Contact us today to find out how we can change your life and give you FREEDOM FROM MAINTENANCE CALLS!!


Let’s Be Honest…

Last week, the Executive Staff of Abodea had their annual leadership retreat.  This event is important to us to reflect on all aspects of our business and what we can do to make our customers’ experience better and to stay on top of the trends in the industry so that we continually position ourselves as a strategic business partner and extension of the companies of we serve.

We are aware of our competition, but honestly-Abodea is in the business of only competing with the lessons in our past and present to be able to continuously provide the highest standard of service in maintenance coordination in many channels of the property management industry.

We don’t invest in marketing strategy that is not based on truth.  We hold ourselves highly accountable and believe that we must always operate with the highest integrity among our employees and our customers.  The facts that we present to you are facts that we are proud to boast because we do the research, the studies, and the work to make sure that what we promise to you is what we deliver.  The advantages of using Abodea as an extension of your business is serious to us.  We don’t want to brand ourselves as a great company, we want to work with YOU to make sure that you are able to brand YOUR business successfully to result in tenant satisfaction and overall growth.

We hold ourselves responsible for our own innovation.  We listen to our customers and follow the trends of the industry to make sure we are providing solutions that are relevant, practical, and useful to our current and prospective clients.  With a recently added service level offering and many new solutions for portfolios as small as 1 property to being able to service multi-family properties with 10,000 properties, we have worked hard to make sure that the service we provide can be provided for all!

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our workplace and are proud to continually support equal opportunity for all.  We believe this is exemplified by the quality of service our customers receive from our maintenance coordination staff.

If you have seen a marketing strategy that looks familiar to ours, we take that as the highest compliment!  We know that our service works to the benefit of our property managers.  We are absolutely flattered that other companies also believe what we know to be true.  It is the exact reason our business was created BY property managers, FOR property managers.

Please take the time to talk to us about what solutions can work for you and how we can position ourselves in a way to help you position yourself to grow your business!  Call us today to find out how we can help you.  We’d love to help you fact check what we promise to you!  Honestly, we’d love to show you what we can do.  Call us today-we want to give you the freedom to grow your business while we handle your business with care!!



Time DOES Tell!

When it comes to promoting our maintenance coordination services, there is no marketing tactics or schemes that are put into place.  Our business is made up of professionals that have been property managers, have worked in property management offices, and others that have specialized training in the areas of property management and customer service.  Abodea is the original 24/7/365 maintenance coordination solution.  Our program was designed for property managers BY property managers.  But as time has passed, our business has also grown with the trends in property management, technology, and maintenance.  We proudly boast over 300 years of property management experience on our staff which includes staff members who have been with Abodea from the start, and we continue to add staff members with the same experiences so that we can continue to stay abreast of the relevant topics and challenges that property managers face so that we can get in front of them.

We continue to work hard as an extension of our customers so that we can take over the maintenance coordination while you grow your business.  One of our long time customers recently shared an e-mail with their owners:

Two years ago, we contracted with a third party maintenance team (Abodea) to triage all repair and maintenance requests from our tenants…we’ve been able to meet with them personally.  The job of the maintenance team is to receive the initial maintenance call to determine whether or not an issue is an emergency.  If it is an emergency, they start working the issue right away by walking the tenant through initial trouble shooting steps, and they will eventually dispatch a service technician if needed.  If the maintenance call is a non-emergency, they advise the tenant that the issue is being forwarded to our office for follow-up.  This process has been working extremely well, and we have come to trust our maintenance team very well! We are excited to announce that we are expanding our use of the maintenance team!  We made this decision 1) based on new requirements from the State, and 2) to make sure all maintenance calls are responded to in a timely and efficient manner.  The maintenance team will now manage emergency and non-emergency issues.  Our office will continue to oversee maintenance issues, but the maintenance team will be handling all the triage, trouble shooting, repair processes, and tenant/owner communication.  The maintenance team has all current home warranty and preferred contractor information for your property.  We also educated them on how we have been managing repairs and maintenance for our property owners, but they have slightly different processes which will better meet the new state laws which require faster response times.  In short, we can no longer afford the risk of allowing maintenance or repair issues to linger. In the future, you may receive email or telephone calls from the maintenance team at Abodea.  They may contact you to provide updates on any issues going on at the property, and they may contact you for financial decisions regarding “repair or replace” decisions. Based on the excellent experience we’ve had with them over the last two years, we have very strong confidence in the maintenance team, and we are even more confident that this expanded use of their services will 1) keep you/us compliant with the newly enacted state laws, 2) result in more content tenants who want to continue leasing your property, and 3) result in even better care taken of your investment property.

We are always ecstatic to hear that our services are working for our customers, and always eager to see how we can expand our services so that our customers can increase their service to their tenants.  We are the original, but our services and offerings aren’t dated, modeled on anyone else’s business, or designed to anything but help our customers extend the depth of their service and expand the size of their business.  Contact us today to find out how we can work for you!  We are dedicated to being the service you need in order to obtain the business goals you have set for yourself.

The CRM that you should choose!

As a property manager, you are likely always looking at what your current Customer Relationship Management software can do for you and your business.  Do you select the CRM that works the most interactively with you and your tenants?  Do you select the CRM that helps you tie all the parts of your business together the most effectively?  Do you follow what’s trending and see where your software stacks up against others and consider the pros and cons of staying and/or switching to something new? Obviously cost, functionality, support, and integration with your current service providers can be important factors that you have to consider.

Which CRM should you choose?  What do you do if you haven’t selected a CRM Yet…

Abodea, we know you’ve thought about all of these things very carefully.  But-we also know that you may need some time to figure out what you actually need from your CRM.  That’s why we built our own!  We don’t use software from another company to design our own CRM, we actually have our own CRM that was designed specifically for the maintenance coordination for property managers.  We have built in features that we know need to be considered for maintenance.  So while others may claim to do the same things we do-the services we provide are built in to the very infrastructure of our service to you in every way possible.  In fact-if you don’t have a CRM-you don’t need one!  We will use our capabilities to still outline a maintenance coordination program that works for you.

Can you integrate with my CRM?

If you already have a CRM or when you select one-you may wonder which service we integrate with.  ALL OF THEM.  Because we have our own CRM, we have the ability to integrate with any software platform you have chosen and work with it for you!   That’s why when we say you can design a program that is fully customizable, it really IS fully customizable!!  We work with several CRM’s that you may have heard of and some you maybe haven’t-but whatever it is-we can do it!!

Contact us today to get more information on how we can work your CRM with you, or put our CRM to work for you while you get the information you need to make the best decision for your business.  We pride ourselves on being the original 24x7x365 maintenance coordination solution for your property  managers, and as your business grows-we will step up to meet your needs as an extension of your business while sharing the vision of your growth!


Maintenance Requests Done YOUR Way.

How much time do you spend day to day working on maintenance requests?  As you are working on rent roll, preparing for move-ins, recovering from move outs, and trying to grow your business-having to deal with the many facets of maintenance coordination for your property management portfolio can be taken right off your hands in 3 easy steps!

maintenance coordination for property managers

First, we talk with  you to see what your current needs are, what the current state of your business is and also talk about the goals for your business near term and long term so that we can find the service level and options that meet the needs of your business.  We take time to fully understand how you run your business so that instead of just being a provider of services, we are an extension of your business and make sure that we are the right fit to help you grow your business and act as a change agent to help propel that growth forward.

Next, we build the custom solution that is right for you.  After we know exactly how you want  your program run, we help you decide what program works best for you.  Whether you need a cost analysis to see how you can utilize in office resources or put our resources to work for you, we work together with you to give you an honest and transparent opinion on what level of service works best for you within your budget while maximizing the service you receive for your tenants.

Finally, we have a detailed on-boarding that provides us with all the information we need to know on how to run  your maintenance coordination your way.  Are swarming bees considered an emergency?  Do you want us to call you during each step?  Would you rather we provide a summary after the request is fully taken care of?  Can you think of 147 questions that covers every aspect of anything that a tenant may call in for?  We have!  This is why we don’t ask to work FOR you, we are proud of the partnership we create to work WITH you.  We do not provide our services to your tenants, we provide our service on your BEHALF to your tenants.  So if you get rave reviews on your maintenance coordination services to your tenants, we love that your tenants are happy with your business!  Your tenants don’t have a way to review Abodea, because we act as an extension of your business and put the policies that you provide to US in place.

Our guarantee to you?  That we will treat your business as our business.  We want your tenants to feel like they have called YOU to help them resolve their maintenance needs.  We want your tenants to rave about the service they receive from YOU so that they can give you great reviews and act as advertisements for the quality of your business!  It’s true-we can’t give you a specific outline of how our business works, because it doesn’t work the same for everybody.  Your program is fully customized to work for YOUR business.  We have the resources and the experience to build a program that works for you while we work with you.

Call us today to find out how we can get started our request a quote for your business.  Whether you have 2 properties or 20,000 we are here for you.  Whether you are a new to the business or successfully growing your business, we are confident that we provide a service that can enhance your portfolio of services provided to your tenants.  Maintenance requests can be done your way without YOU having to do it!


147… There’s nothing like it in the industry


147 is a special number at Abodea.  It represents the set of 147 questions asked of each new customer when they are onboarded.  Responses to those questions are integrated into our Trouble-shooting tool so that your tenants have a remarkable and transparent customer experience when speaking with our Maintenance Coordinators.

The 147 allow us to apply each individual customer’s processes, practices, and preferences when engaging with their tenants.

The 147 allow customers to define what is and is not an emergency for their tenants.

The 147 allow customers to specify how, when, and to what degree Abodea’s Maintenance Coordinators will troubleshoot and diagnose root causes and dispatch your prioritized list of vendors for every individual property placed under our care.

We’re happy to provide suggested responses for your 147.  That’s never a problem.  But, we don’t believe in a ‘standardized’ customer experience – not for your company and not for your tenants.

We believe in exceptional customer experiences.

We believe it’s our responsibility to surpass expectations so that every customer views us as an extension of their business, not a vendor.

We believe every tenant is a unique individual that deserves to feel like their issue is the center of our universe.  And, we use your 147 to customize our approach – handling every maintenance request with the same urgency, accuracy, and degree of care your tenants have come to expect.