Employee of the Month: November 2018

Cai was nominated as employee of the month by Catherine Huston.

“Caryl is the the most giving person of both her time and her knowledge. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she will find it through excellent detective work! She is always willing to help anyone, and any situation, and always with what I know is a smile on her face. There is a lot she does behind the scenes to help out SuperTenders, and we all appreciate her so much.”


About Cai:

Length of time at Abodea:  I was hired on October 16,2017, so, I have been here for a year and 2 months.

What positions have you held at Abodea?   I was first deployed as a front liner, a Receptionist. 3 months later I became a part of the Dispatcher’s team, before I finally moved up into the Triage circle. Over the span of 10 months I became a Team leader and is currently a Training Specialist/Shift Supervisor.

What is your favorite part of the job?   The thing I love most is the opportunity to connect with people around the world, solving their concerns smoothly and leaving them happier than when they originally called.  The different roles I’ve experienced while on the job, made me feel empowered to take on different challenges. It has expanded my mind and I am learning valuable lessons, as I go along. 

What is the funniest moment you can think of that happened during your work at Abodea?

Two weeks ago a tenant called to report that he found two rats at home. He wanted us to dispatch a pest-control company, ASAP. The reason being, those rats could be a Mama rat and a Papa rat (reminded me of the 🎶 baby Shark song, doo doo doo doo doo!🎙).   He said, verbatim, “They are holed up in my bedroom closet and could be building a family by tonight!”  That made my month! 👌

Why is the work we do at Abodea so important to you?  There’s so much for us to be grateful for when it comes to helping others. Overall, we don’t expect anything in return. We are fulfilled, even if we  do not get a “thank you” at all.  Personal connections with customers are powerful- it makes me feel like a wizard!

Favorite quote:  “Good friends, good books, and as leepy conscience:  this is the ideal life.”  -Mark Twain