Employee of the Month: March 2019


Chatherine was nominated as employee of the month by Jodi Dutton .


About Catherine:

Length of time at Abodea: 6 years in August.

What positions have you held at Abodea? Call center dispatch.Triage-Supervisor in Call center-MT.

What is your favorite part of the job? Favorite part of job is when Tenants really appreciate your help and you have made a difference for them.

What is the funniest moment you can think of that happened during your work at Abodea? Tony made us all laugh . That and the drunk who called thinking we were the bar.

Why is the work we do at Abodea so important to you? The work we do is important because when you think about it, we really are able to change someone’s life. We are able to take a  horrible situation for a Tenant and turn it into an acceptable and decent outcome. Sometimes based solely on how we speak to them and the compassion they hear from us, life is changed.

Favorite quote:  Where there is life, there is hope.