Employee of the Month: September 2018


Sharon was nominated as employee of the month by Eva Pardillo.

“Sharon is very detailed with her notes and clear on what needs to be done on each call.  The next person who takes over her call won’t get lost and knows what has been done and how to proceed on every call.  Sharon is very consistent.”


About Sharon:

Length of time at Abodea: I have been at Abodea since June 2015 so it was 3 years June 15, 2018.

What positions have you held at Abodea?  When I started here in June 2015 we did not  have the different levels, we answered the phone got the details of the call and then did all of the troubleshooting at the same time and you would handle dispatching each call. In October 2015 we switched to the different levels. So I had to start at the bottom. Also I had already done most of the classes that are required for each level since we didn’t have levels when I started. So I had to start at the bottom, worked reception and stayed at that level for quite sometime, then I moved to dispatch and stayed at that level for quite sometime,  Level 3 used to be triage-General Maintenance and right after I completed level 3 I was told they were switching level 4 to level 3 so level 3 was now HVAC and Level 4 was General Maintenance so needless to say I had to do training for level 4 HVAC. I will say that I was a little intimidated to start Level 5-Plumbing & drain/sewer/septic calls so a little pushing from my supervisors Rudy in particular I completed the process. So now I’m level 5.

What is your favorite part of the job?  My favorite part of the job would be having the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people to include my teammates and the tenants. Also knowing that we are able to help tenants and a lot of them tell me they call us because they can always talk to a person here so even them knowing they can speak to a person I think takes a little of their stress level away. It’s nice knowing that I would say 95% of the time we can help them with their situation.

What is the funniest moment you can think of that happened during your work at Abodea?  When a lady called in and said she couldn’t get out of her driveway because a tree had fallen behind her car so I asked her to send a picture and it turned out to be a small tree branch and I mean a very small branch, meaning you could pick it up with your hand…LOL.

Why is the work we do at Abodea so important to you?   I think all work Abodea does is especially important not just what I do but the team as a whole because we are helping to preserve millions of dollars worth of our customers properties, helping the tenants with some potentially dangerous heath and safety risks so we are in reality helping to preserve life and property so this to me makes our jobs very important. The property management companies put their trust in us, that we will be their life line while they are away from the office so we have to be sure we are managing those tenants and properties to the best of our ability. Which I think Abodea offers the best training and service that these property management companies will ever find.

Favorite quote:  You are an awesome teammate!!