What a year it has been for Abodea!!

As we end the year and enter into a new year AND a new decade, we thought we’d share a countdown for what’s been memorable for US!!  We have made several changes to our portfolio of services and the feedback we have received from our customers leads us to believe we listened in all the right ways!  We are so thankful for all of our customers and so excited to have brought on many new customers in many different segments of the property management space.  We are serving property managers with 1-2 properties, and now we are excited to be serving multi-family spaces and able to serve in different and innovative ways to match emerging technologies and stay on the forefront of maintenance coordination for all!

Here’s our SOME of our highlights of the Year!!

#5.  Becoming ABODEA!!!

OBVIOUSLY, the most exciting part of our year was becoming ABODEA!

#4.  Adding a NEW level of Service

We listened, we learned, we WORKED!  We are so glad to have on-boarded several current and new customers who have found exactly what they needed to help provide the best service to their tenants with Silver Plus!!

#3.  Tenants make the call, and we answer-REALLY QUICKLY!!

Our operations team is always looking for ways to optimize our service model so that as an extension of your business, we are ALWAYS making our property managers look good and providing your tenants with service they can feel great about.  Diligently improving our technology, our systems, and continuous education for our agents has made it so that we are answering your tenants calls in just about 30 seconds!!

#2.  You can get the GOLD!

Our Gold level of service is the very best, and because of that it has been challenging to find ways to standardize a quoting model because we want you to have every option to customize.  BUT-our virtual office team has mastered the Abodea-verse of options and made it so simple for our current customers and prospective customers to get all the options you could ever want and all the options we provide that you didn’t think about-and we have standardized the quoting process!!

#1.  Adding a Quarterly Business Review for all of our customers!

We want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of your business at all times.  We know that your business changes and we want to make sure that we can support those changes and do everything we can so that you can grow your business!  Introducing a dedicated customer support team for handling these reviews has helped us improve our service to all of you for exactly what you need.

And, we can’t forget…Meeting YOU!

We are happy to connect with so many customers on Facebook, Linked In, even Twitter-but we have gotten so much insight from meeting all of you at Trade shows, events you hosted and allowed us to be a part of, and by partnering with our property managers as a strategic extension of their business which has allowed us to improve in ways that you WILL see in 2020!!

So, in 2020, connect with us!!  Follow us!  We are so excited for all the ways we are getting ready to help you help US to maintain being the best maintenance coordination option for ALL property managers!!  We hope that this year was a great one for you, and we hope to help our property managers have an even better year by being able to help position you to focus on growing your business.   You can leave the maintenance coordination up to us-and some other things.  It’s hard to tell you everything we can do, but if you call us-we can break it down for you!  We have some new and exciting things coming up in 2020.  Don’t miss out!  We’d love to hear from you.

We sincerely wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!