VOL. 1.19

Service Level Announcements

Gold Service Level NEW Quoting Model

We are so excited to announce a new quoting model for our Gold Service Members.  We know that our Gold Service Level is the most involved and intricate level of service, and previously it was difficult to get a straight forward quoting model in place.  Well we took your feedback and worked very closely with our Virtual Office team to put the customization of the Gold Service Level into price points that make it easier to understand.  Please contact us today if you’d like to quote our Gold Service Level and/or receive a cost analysis on level of service vs. your investment.  The Virtual Team is ready to take you to the next level and RE-set the GOLD Standard!!


Our existing Silver level’s 24x7x365 scope of support has helped many customers manage the demands of their busy office lives.  Silver Plus benefits include:

  • Non-Emergency Dispatch
  • Non-Emergency Follow-Up with Tenants and Vendors
  • Work Order Data Entry (in your preferred platform)

Additionally, Silver Plus’s ‘Non-Emergency Dispatch Policy Guide’ allows you to customize the manner and degree to which Abodea will handle Non-Emergency Work Orders.  You define the issues that are or are not the tenant’s responsibility.  We’ll handle the Work Order (and tenant communications) accordingly. Contact our Solutions team today to learn more:  Solutions@Abodea.Com or call 844-436-3248.

Abodea Works With...

A Marketing Agency for Property Managers!

Fourandhalf is a marketing agency that specializes in helping property management companies grow their owner client base as well as their portfolio.  Since its inception, Fourandhalf has been passionate about helping small to medium businesses — and this principle is what continues to drive and define our team, even to this day.

Abodea Works With...

More Doors.  Less Drama.

Let us hire, train, and lead your next BDM.   Helping property managers with 200 and 2,000 doors who want to double their door count in the next 1-3 years.

Abodea Works With...

Fueling Entrepreneurial Freedom

Leading financial services company providing comprehensive financial management and accounting to property management entrepreneurs.

Abodea Works With...

Work Less. Love Life!!

We screen your tenants using your PM software, answer your leasing calls/emails and book showings, and we recruit a qualified virtual assistant to work in your business so you can work on it. Imagine a quieter office with all your leasing calls coming to us!

Abodea Works With...

The CRM Professional property managers use to grow.

LeadSimple is designed to help property managers learn and implement best practices, automate sales workflows, impress prospects and close more deals. Follow up with new leads in seconds, utilize automated marketing campaigns, track all your communication with prospects, measure results with powerful forecasting tools, and grow your property management business all in one place.

Did you know that our company policies now have 147 questions?

Did you ever wonder why we don’t have a live demo available on our website?

Do you know how long it takes our maintenance coordinators to answer the incoming phone calls from your tenants?

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Have you scheduled your quarterly business review?  We want to make sure you have a positive customer experience, and we can only do that by making sure we have all the best information!  In addition to getting your answers to the additional questions we have added to our company policies, we want to make sure that you aware of all the new levels of service and the many options that are now available to you, or additional service levels that may suit you.  Contact to schedule your QBR today!

Contact us!!

Accounting@Abodea.comBilling inquiries and questions – (855) 559-5525

Calls@Abodea.comOpen call inquiries – (855) 559-5525

Solutions@Abodea.comAccount related issues not related to customer support – (844) 836-3248

Support@Abodea.comCustomer support inquiries and assistance – (855) 460-5105 – Updates to portfolio or profile information –  (855) 559-5525

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