Time DOES Tell!

When it comes to promoting our maintenance coordination services, there is no marketing tactics or schemes that are put into place.  Our business is made up of professionals that have been property managers, have worked in property management offices, and others that have specialized training in the areas of property management and customer service.  Abodea is the original 24/7/365 maintenance coordination solution.  Our program was designed for property managers BY property managers.  But as time has passed, our business has also grown with the trends in property management, technology, and maintenance.  We proudly boast over 300 years of property management experience on our staff which includes staff members who have been with Abodea from the start, and we continue to add staff members with the same experiences so that we can continue to stay abreast of the relevant topics and challenges that property managers face so that we can get in front of them.

We continue to work hard as an extension of our customers so that we can take over the maintenance coordination while you grow your business.  One of our long time customers recently shared an e-mail with their owners:

Two years ago, we contracted with a third party maintenance team (Abodea) to triage all repair and maintenance requests from our tenants…we’ve been able to meet with them personally.  The job of the maintenance team is to receive the initial maintenance call to determine whether or not an issue is an emergency.  If it is an emergency, they start working the issue right away by walking the tenant through initial trouble shooting steps, and they will eventually dispatch a service technician if needed.  If the maintenance call is a non-emergency, they advise the tenant that the issue is being forwarded to our office for follow-up.  This process has been working extremely well, and we have come to trust our maintenance team very well! We are excited to announce that we are expanding our use of the maintenance team!  We made this decision 1) based on new requirements from the State, and 2) to make sure all maintenance calls are responded to in a timely and efficient manner.  The maintenance team will now manage emergency and non-emergency issues.  Our office will continue to oversee maintenance issues, but the maintenance team will be handling all the triage, trouble shooting, repair processes, and tenant/owner communication.  The maintenance team has all current home warranty and preferred contractor information for your property.  We also educated them on how we have been managing repairs and maintenance for our property owners, but they have slightly different processes which will better meet the new state laws which require faster response times.  In short, we can no longer afford the risk of allowing maintenance or repair issues to linger. In the future, you may receive email or telephone calls from the maintenance team at Abodea.  They may contact you to provide updates on any issues going on at the property, and they may contact you for financial decisions regarding “repair or replace” decisions. Based on the excellent experience we’ve had with them over the last two years, we have very strong confidence in the maintenance team, and we are even more confident that this expanded use of their services will 1) keep you/us compliant with the newly enacted state laws, 2) result in more content tenants who want to continue leasing your property, and 3) result in even better care taken of your investment property.

We are always ecstatic to hear that our services are working for our customers, and always eager to see how we can expand our services so that our customers can increase their service to their tenants.  We are the original, but our services and offerings aren’t dated, modeled on anyone else’s business, or designed to anything but help our customers extend the depth of their service and expand the size of their business.  Contact us today to find out how we can work for you!  We are dedicated to being the service you need in order to obtain the business goals you have set for yourself.

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